The Quality Pledge is a platform where timber treatment companies can commit to excellence.

Signatories of the Pledge undertake to ensure that their operations are environmentally sound, socially responsible and produce treated timber of a high quality.

The ultimate aim is to contribute to the successful development and long-term sustainability of the wood treatment sector in Africa.


The head of your company signs the pledge, making a commitment to implementing all of its six principles, as listed below. It is up to you and us, together, to make it work, and we are extremely pleased to be embarking upon this process with you.

The Pledge links in with some of your existing programmes, reinforcing your company’s commitment to continue with these programmes. Other aspects of the principles relate to the quality of your product and the safe operation of your timber treatment plant.

We are here to assist you and your company. We are not an inspection body, nor are we a certification body. We are partners in enabling your business to reach its full potential in producing high-quality treated timber at maximum capacity, while safeguarding the environment.

an overview

The ultimate aim is to ensure the sustainability of both your business and the industry.

We will be working with you on the principles with which we can assist. But before we get to those, let’s look at all six principles, to give you an overview of the commitment your company has made.

Getting Started

To start the process, Dolphin Bay will complete an assessment for your company regarding the key principles with which we can assist. These are:
Principle 2: Meeting quality standards

Principle 2: Meeting quality standards

Principle 3: Environmental impact

Principle 3: Environmental impact

Principle 4: Operations process

Principle 4: Operations process

Principle 5: Quality control and monitoring

Principle 5: Quality control and monitoring

As you will note, there are only four principles we will be working on with you. For each one of these above-mentioned principles, we have a specific programme to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Dolphin Bay is uniquely positioned as your partners in this programme to provide support regarding the weaknesses identified, so that your business can reach its full potential in every respect. To start, we will need to conduct a study of your operations covering the principles outlined above. This will give us a good idea of the work needed.

We will provide a copy of the report to management for your assessment and feedback. Once feedback has been received, we will adapt the report as required.


Planning process

Areas that have been identified in the report will be included into a “to-do” chart.  Together, Dolphin Bay and your company will establish who should take responsibility for each section, and reach agreement on deadlines for providing feedback and for the completion of each element.

In brief, we will be following the process flow below:

our thanks

Once the process is complete, your plant(s) will be producing timber of the highest quality, at maximum capacity. In partnership with Dolphin Bay, you will have done your utmost to ensure this achievement, adding enormous value to your company’s operations.

Importantly, we will have worked together to change the bigger picture: ensuring the good reputation, and the long-term sustainability, of our industry in Africa.

Thank you for partnering with Dolphin Bay on this important project.


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